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Almost 5k views!

2015-12-16 19:38:44 by Kandonian

Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for hitting almost 5k views(Hopefully have by the time you read this) on a little project that only took a few hours to make!

Here's a little link to go check it out and it's much appreciated everyone that has played it and to anyone still playing it!



Also hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year and I'll be firing out some new 4 hour project games in January so keep an eye out!

New Game: City Runner!

2015-02-01 19:22:20 by Kandonian

So my new game City Runner is just out, collect ALL THE COINS!!


Check it out here:

Another Game on the way

2015-01-29 19:38:03 by Kandonian

So I've been taking all the feedback I got from MC Runner and I'm currently working on a new game. I hope to get it out in the next few days or over the weekend if I get time to finish it up. Its still a runner but not MC themed and has stuff like in game shop to buy powerups and such!


Can't wait to show you all it!

Well so far everyone seems to like the game and I have made several updates to the game that people have suggested about it.

We also got a video posted by a french dude so check it out:

Anyways I want to thank everyone thats been playing it and I will still take suggestions for updates in the future and aim to get a few more games out soon!



Well 2 hours down...

2015-01-03 21:56:24 by Kandonian

As I mentioned before I'm going to be adding more and more flash games I'm working on to Newgrounds. I will be looking for animation help though as I'm a programer and don't have much animation skill. So leave me a message if you want to help with that.

Also I gave myself 2 hours to do a game start to finish with medals and get it onto Newgrounds. I came up with this:

Which is a minecraft style endless runner. Just be sure to look out for those nasty large Ghasts!


Anyways I will cya'll soon!

Working on more

2014-12-21 17:41:04 by Kandonian

Working On More

Yes, as the title says I am working on more games currently. I'm going to be doing several flash games over the next month or so as well as Unity games. 

I have a management game on the way and a dodge and pickup one coming aswell with leaderboards for time and coins collected so make sure to check that out.

Going to be working on adding medals into them all also which should give players something else to achieve.


Love you all!



New game on the way

2014-09-18 09:50:52 by Kandonian

Hi guys, sorry I've been mega busy lately and not had a chance to post anything up. I have been working on a new game which is project named "Peek A Boo" at the moment but it may change. Its a dark suspense puzzle game where you run about different buildings and areas whilst doing puzzles and avoiding the creatures of the dark. The only friend you have is the small light from your mouse.


I'll be posting some screenshots of it soon and will be starting the page for it soon aswell with a trailer.


Cya all soon!

Big improvement on the first game and looks sort of half decent now aswell!

Click Pic to join the epic adventure of a life time!


Let me know what you think and love y'all!

I have started working on yet another little game, this one will have creepers falling from the sky and you will have to dodge your way through them without hitting them and exploding!

The animation and such will be a big improvement on the last game and I should have it done in a few weeks maximum.


Love y'all!

S.C.S.T.E.P.A.P.2 Out now

2014-07-20 12:06:15 by Kandonian


has just been put out, whilst not the best game in the world it will one day rule all. Love ya'll and speak to you later.


Click to play!