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Entry #12

Almost 5k views!

2015-12-16 19:38:44 by Kandonian

Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for hitting almost 5k views(Hopefully have by the time you read this) on a little project that only took a few hours to make!

Here's a little link to go check it out and it's much appreciated everyone that has played it and to anyone still playing it!



Also hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year and I'll be firing out some new 4 hour project games in January so keep an eye out!


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2015-12-16 20:03:22

Congratulations,may you have the same success in all your work and happy holidays!

Kandonian responds:

Thanks and you too mate! Have a great holiday! Wish you all the best!


2015-12-16 20:08:08

Thank you but it's going to be a long way before I get there!

Kandonian responds:

Well follow me and let me know when and I'll be sure to check out more of your stuff!


2015-12-16 20:13:58

I'll be sure to do that,still,it would take me months or a year.

Kandonian responds:

I think the Minecraft endless runner only took me around 4 hours start to finish to do, so just keep practicing and you should be able to do the same :D


2015-12-16 20:37:42

Yeah,I don't have the program to make games though and wow,you must have quite a lot of experience to finish a project that quickly!

Kandonian responds:

Grab something free like Unity and look online on how to get started. The earlier you start the better.


2015-12-16 20:56:24

Okay,then I'll start with the basics but that will need time and patience,so it will still take a while before I can submit anything here.