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New game on the way

2014-09-18 09:50:52 by Kandonian

Hi guys, sorry I've been mega busy lately and not had a chance to post anything up. I have been working on a new game which is project named "Peek A Boo" at the moment but it may change. Its a dark suspense puzzle game where you run about different buildings and areas whilst doing puzzles and avoiding the creatures of the dark. The only friend you have is the small light from your mouse.


I'll be posting some screenshots of it soon and will be starting the page for it soon aswell with a trailer.


Cya all soon!


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2014-09-18 11:07:21

I checked out creeper rain, not a bad little game. Keep working dude!

Kandonian responds:

Thanks man, they only took a hour or so to make , they were just test games. Right now I'm working on my first proper game in flash. I'll keep you in mind for a tester if youd like? Do you have skype to chat?